Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'd like to introduce Israel's "Jeggings"

Front of Jeggings
Back of Jeggings
Close-up of back pockets
Side of Jeggings

I'd like to introduce you to Israel's hot item - jeggings. And yes, I brought a pair back with me!! I was in Tel-Aviv for 12 days this month and everywhere I went there were billboards featuring "Jeggings, the sexy jean". Jeggings are basically made up of two components - jeans and leggings. Pretty simple, but I had to buy a pair...

Yesterday I paired my new jeggings with a tunic and boots in the outfit shown below:

I had to buy a pair of jeggings even though I would NEVER pay $40 for legging-like items normally. But how often do I find myself in Tel-Aviv (on average about every 2-3 years) so it was well worth the splurge! Jeggings are soft like leggings but have gold stitching up and down the legs and pockets like jeans. Very cool!!

A similar jean-legging is this one by Alloy for $24.90

Tunic: Forever 21 $
Sweater: H&M $10
Belt: Free with Tunic
Purse: Castro (in Tel-Aviv) - came out to be about $27
Scarf: Wal-Mart $5
Jeggings: Casto (in Tel-Aviv) - came out to be about $40
Boots: Gift from Mom two winters ago
Total: $94


  1. i love your tunic, the pattern is gorgeous! and i love the name "jeggings", makes me smile :)

    - jen

  2. These look great on you! I've seen them a lot lately :)

    Coco Before Chanel was fabulous! A must see!!

  3. love the jeggings!

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. And I am totally digging the "jeggings"!!! I recently bought a pair of denim ankle zip leggings myself. I absolutely love mine! I guess this means I would fit in wonderfully in Israel...


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