Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'd like to introduce Israel's "Jeggings"

Front of Jeggings
Back of Jeggings
Close-up of back pockets
Side of Jeggings

I'd like to introduce you to Israel's hot item - jeggings. And yes, I brought a pair back with me!! I was in Tel-Aviv for 12 days this month and everywhere I went there were billboards featuring "Jeggings, the sexy jean". Jeggings are basically made up of two components - jeans and leggings. Pretty simple, but I had to buy a pair...

Yesterday I paired my new jeggings with a tunic and boots in the outfit shown below:

I had to buy a pair of jeggings even though I would NEVER pay $40 for legging-like items normally. But how often do I find myself in Tel-Aviv (on average about every 2-3 years) so it was well worth the splurge! Jeggings are soft like leggings but have gold stitching up and down the legs and pockets like jeans. Very cool!!

A similar jean-legging is this one by Alloy for $24.90

Tunic: Forever 21 $
Sweater: H&M $10
Belt: Free with Tunic
Purse: Castro (in Tel-Aviv) - came out to be about $27
Scarf: Wal-Mart $5
Jeggings: Casto (in Tel-Aviv) - came out to be about $40
Boots: Gift from Mom two winters ago
Total: $94

Brights and Tights

Dress: H&M (sometime last fall) $34.90
Tights: Target $5
Necklace: Castro (In Tel-Aviv) Came out to be about $18
Purse: Castro (In Tel-Aviv) Came out to be about $27
Leather Jacket: Target (bought it about a year & 1/2 ago) $70
Shoes: Famous Footwear $20
Total: $174.90

Friday, October 30, 2009

Grey & Gold

Today I wore my favorite blazer with my new grey silky tank I got from Old Navy for $3.50, mixed with my gold flower necklace.
Blazer: F21
Top: Old Navy $3.50
Jeans: F21
Heels: Target
Necklace: Target

Striped Tunic

In my previous post, I mentioned that my favorite outfit of Hilary Duff's was the first photo. I did some more research and found out she is wearing the 'Ossie' stripe tunic by Ella Moss. It is currently available for $110 at Nordstrom, which is waaaaay over my budget, so I have included a few similar tunics/dresses below for your viewing pleasure....

Posted by: Natalya

My current style crush

I have heard the term "style crush" a lot lately so I thought I would follow suit...

For some reason, I am truly intrigued and inspired by Hilary Duff. I think it is for a mixture of reasons: She is not a stick-figure, which I love! In fact, my body shape is very similar to her's and it makes me feel better about myself! Also, she seems to just glow and radiate light! I get this feeling from her that she is very down-to-earth and I would love to meet her and drill her with style questions. Lastly, I would wear every outfit she is wearing above. My favorite is the first photo. What do you think of my weird obsession with Hilary? Do you love her style too?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Hearty Thank You is in Order

And now for my outfit. I have a few thank you's to give out.

First, I would like to thank Mr. Matthew Williamson - thank you for creating this wonderful, cheery, peacock feather wrap dress. Its dreamy and comfortable at the same time, all while being in my favorite colors of teal and blue.

Second, thank you to H&M for signing Mr. Williamson up to sell affordable clothing at your store.

Third and most of all, thank you dear girl who sold this dress to Buffalo Exchange so that I might own it for a mere 14 dollars - otherwise it would have been out of my price range. I love it dearly.

Thank you all! You've all played a part in possibly my favorite outfit ever!
Dress: H&M second hand through Buffalo Exchange $14
Jacket: Marshalls $25
Tights: Target $5
Heels: H&M $40

Unplanned Matching!

Today we showed up to work wearing basically the same outfit. Black leather jackets, dresses, tights, heels all within the same color family. It definitely was not planned - we must spend too many hours together each day because we were on the same styling wavelength this morning. And now we get to snap a few shots together since I found the trusty tripod!

\This is pretty much how all of our photo sessions end - in complete laughing hysterics. I have no idea why though? I wonder what it would be like to watch us from a third person perspective. What a sight that would be - two girls laughin' ridiculously loud while taking photos of each other. That's some funny stuff right there.

thanks for the read! :)

Discovering Castro

As I was roaming the streets of downtown Tel-Aviv (and yes, it was as awesome as it sounds) I stumbled across Castro, (a men and women's clothing store) and I immediately fell in love. It wasn't long before I was spending my hard-earned shekels on accessories and clothing guessed it...Castro....

FYI - The prices are in shekels, and right now, 3.7 shekels = $1

Here are some of my favorite current Castro items:

Check out the Women's fashion lookbook here!

Also, check out tonight's post later on for two items I wore from Castro today!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Israel had a big influence on me...

I had so much fun with these pictures today! I was feeling so jet lagged and silly from my trip to Israel (as Kerri indicated in her post below while affectionately calling me "Taj", her nickname for me). I found a large pinecone on the ground and decided to incorporate it into the shoot to Kerri's amusement. I let my hair be natural, because I had spent the last 12 days in super-humid Tel Aviv and my hair stood no chance to be heat styled! I think I may embrace my natural curls more...what do you think?
T-Shirt: Target $9.99
Necklace: Castro (An awesome store I discovered in Tel-Aviv) $18
Vest: H&M $17
Jacket: Forever 21 $45
Jeans: Styles for Less $20
Shoes: TJ Max $20
Posted by: Natalya
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