Thursday, November 19, 2009

Black, Silver & Lace

Dress: H&M $25
Necklaces: Outer chain: Styles for Less $3, inner necklace: Styles for Less $5
Tights: Forever 21 $6
Socks: H&M $2
Booties: Target $30
Total: $71
I felt like such a sillypants goofball while taking pictures today. My photos here are evidence of that. I couldnt stand still for any of my poses so the result is some wacky pics! This outfit is very simple yet chic, in my opinion. I try to add lots of color to my wardrobe, but somtimes I just feel like wearing black on black.


  1. It's very sophisticated- I'd wear it out on a date, or to dinner with friends, or even to work. I especially love the dress.

  2. i love your tights! i'm always so impressed with forever 21!


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