Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fancy dresses for my dad's wedding

I thought I would do a special post (it was actually Kerri's idea - thanks Kerri!) showing the dresses I wore to my Dad's weddings. Now I say weddings because he had two - to the same woman of course. One was last month in Tel-Aviv for friends and family there, and the other was here in California for their friends and family here. Lucky for me, because I love traveling, and I love dolling up for events. I am truly a girly-girl. Below is the black gown I wore last sunday to his California wedding:

And here is the dress I wore to the wedding in Tel-Aviv. The quality of these isn't as great, but you get the point.
I love both dresses, and I love how different and unique each one is. I have to say the gold one is my favorite though because it literally shines, and it is perfect for traveling because it already has a crinkled look, so it didnt matter if it got wrinkled in my suitcase. Both dresses were about $100 and from Nordstrom. I usually do not spend that much but the gold dress was a gift to me so I didnt spend anything, and with the black one I decided to splurge. So tell me what you think, which dress do you think is more fabulous? I have absolutely no idea what the daughter-of-the-groom is supposed to wear and I was told to wear whatever I wanted, so how did I do? Do I look daughter-of-the-groom appropriate?


  1. Absolutely- you looked perfectly appropriate. It looks like the California ceremony may have been a little fancier, but both are fabulous.

  2. gorgeous!!! love the gold especially

  3. aww you look gorgeous in those dresses. my favorite is the second one, the color and pattern are just lovely :))

    - jen

  4. Gosh I love the gold one! It looks amazing on you!


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