Monday, November 16, 2009

My shiny new necklace from over-seas

Shirt: Marshalls $8
Shoes: Famous Footwear $20
Tights: Target $5
Skirt: Target $20
Cuorderoy blazer: H&M $24.90
Necklace: Castro in Israel $18
Total: $95.90
I picked-up this fun necklace in Tel-Aviv, Israel at Castro when I visted for two weeks last month. It caught my eye because it is so big and shiny and even jingles when I walk! This outfit would have been quite boring had it not been for this statement necklace - so thank God for that! I wasn't very inspired about what to wear today so the necklace came to my rescue. Some days I wake up inspired and have the image of a fabulous outfit to wear, and then I just accessorize accordingly. Most days however, I have a fabulous accessory of mine in mind and I try to dress the rest of me accordingly...


  1. What a great necklace!! All the way from Israel...nice!!!!

  2. Fantastic necklace - I always love picking up unusual pieces when I travel. Also, love the pairing of the graphic tee and skirt!

  3. Love the almost painted design on your shirt. The colors are beautiful.


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