Saturday, November 28, 2009

Two Lovely Ladies

The "WearNecessities Family Edition" continues! My cousin and her daughter showed up to our post-thanksgiving lunch yesterday looking so fabulous that I HAD TO do a post about them! Call me obsessed, but whatever! Anyways, here are the details on Lauren's outfit:
Suede boots Target $39.99
Jeans Old Navy $19.99
Cami $1 at a Sample Sale
Sweater Target $17.99
Earrings Street vendor $8
Belt Hand-me-down
Fedora $16 at the Petro Truck Stop at the Grapevine (on their way down to visit the fam :) )


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  1. Your cousin's daughter is adorable! The color of that sweater looks stunning on you! You pull it off beautifully!


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