Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Color of 2010

That's right, the official color of 2010 is turquoise. I was honored when wrote an article about the color featuring yours truly in December! Today I also tried the new trend I've seen on other fashion blogs of layering a patterned or lace pair of tights over a solid color pair of tights.
Today was a great day; Kerri is back and today was the first day in two weeks we have taken outfit photos together. It was really frustrating though because we take our photos outside our building (we work together) and it seemed like there were people walking around everywhere we tried to shoot. We try to keep the photo taking on the down low cause it can look kinda silly posing in the street in an industrial area, but we finally found a spot by this bright green tree so I was happy. I hope you all had a great Wednesday!
Dress: TJ Max $15
Tights: Turquoise - Target $5 & Black lace F21 $5
Cami: Styles for Less $5
Booties: Target $30
Blazer: H&M gift
Necklaces: Styles for less $4 & $5
Sequined cuff: F21 $5



  1. i love how you layered your tights, and with such a stunning color! :) that is such a perfect color on you and you pair it so well with that black blazer.

  2. Yay! I love turquoise and I love this outfit!Great use of color.

    Congratulations on the feature, that is SO cool!!

    Much love,

  3. adorable turquoise!
    and congrats on the feat!

  4. Such a great outfit...I need more turquoise in my life! Love the combined tights look. - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  5. congrats on the feature :) and turquoise has always been one of my favorites! so happy for 2010

  6. I am so excited that this is the color of 2010 and you wear it so well!

  7. Love how you paired the tights! Thanks for your comment x

  8. I DIE for those patterned tights! So fabulous.


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