Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Five Urban Outfitters Finds Under $20!!!

Last Friday Kerri said she was going to Urban Outfitters after work and I decided to tag along. I didn't expect to find anything because usually everything is too expensive for my budget, so when I found five items for under $20 each, I definitely left the store happy. Here's what I bought: the tights above for $14, the dress above $19.99 and the first two dresses below for $19.99 each as well!! The third dress below was a lucky find from a thrift store I went to with Kerri a week ago. I bought it for $12.99 which made me happy! It is weird because I checked the Urban Outfitters website today and the prices for these items are more expensive online, so I definitely suggest going into the store to buy items.

Outfit Details for outfit I am pictured wearing above:

Dress: Urban Outfitters $19.99
Tights: Urban Outfitters $14
Shoes: Famous Footwear $20
Necklace: Castro in Tel Aviv
Leather Jacket: Target $70



  1. you wear these tights so well! and i'm loving all these dresses you scored at urban outfitters. i love looking through their sale racks. i always find something amazing hidden somewhere :)

  2. i so love your necklace! and I've a similar tights!


  3. I love all the dresses!

  4. FANTASTIC finds! I swear Urban has the BEST sales...which is good because I rarely buy things full priced there.

  5. I think that it would be very nice. where your grandmother lives? I mean the city. the problem is that I do not know English so well: (
    I really like your styling ;)

  6. The necklace is very cool!

  7. Great tights. They are absolutley gorgeous


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