Wednesday, September 23, 2009

H&M's New Little Toy

While perusing the internet the other night I came across a new toy h&m has created for us ladies who like lots of ideas on how to put outfits together. Check out this link on their website. It let's you mix and match their new fall clothing, shoes, and accessories. Natalya and I both got a kick out of it. Here are some fun little numbers I came up with. Enjoy!

Top Left - since I own black booties and black tights, I feel like this is my best bet outfit. casual but still pulled together.
Top Right - Military jacket! Ah I love this jacket - but my collection of jackets is buried away since it is still in the 80 degree range during the day around here! Plus, I'm not sure I would ever buy knee high boots.

Bottom Left - Love the green dress, I've seen it around the internet actually.
Bottom Right - I think I could pull off a look like this. Easy swingy skirt and top, belted, and if it ever gets cold around here at the tights!

Do you like my outfits? If you get a chance to check out the link, definitely share your outfits with me! Don't you wish all websites had something like this! :)

thanks for the read. mucho love <3>


  1. Ooooh! I will have to try this out. It looks too fun!

  2. LOVE the bottom two! I'd so wear them. I've never heard about this but I'm definitely gonna have to check it out. I love me some H&M!


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