Monday, September 28, 2009

"With humor as my constant ally, I emerge victorious over the negative forces of life." - Anonymous

It's still hot here in So. Cal. so I'm still sporting open-toed sandals. However I'm so ready for fall fashion, that at the first sign of a fall breeze, I'll be breaking out my fall wardrobe!

I love the clean look of a simple t-shirt, a belt and a pencil skirt.

Here is a close-up the belt that came free with the skirt!

Top: borrowed from my Mom's closet
Necklaces: Outer chain $4 Styles for Less; Inner necklace $5 Styles for Less
Skirt: Forever 21 $15.80
Belt: Came free with the pencil skirt
Shoes: a gift

Total: $24.80!
Posted by: Natalya

V-Neck: second hand from buffalo exchange $10
jeans: express $40
necklace: urban outfitters $gift card


  1. Adorable as always! Love the price, too. I know what you mean about getting out the fall clothes- I'm still wearing summer clothes because it's been warm, but I think the chill in the air has finally arrived over here in PA.

  2. Wow....That was really 24.80?!? YOu rock!!!! I'm ready for fall too. I'm so done with the heat! Black, white, and red never fails. You look great!


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