Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Israel had a big influence on me...

I had so much fun with these pictures today! I was feeling so jet lagged and silly from my trip to Israel (as Kerri indicated in her post below while affectionately calling me "Taj", her nickname for me). I found a large pinecone on the ground and decided to incorporate it into the shoot to Kerri's amusement. I let my hair be natural, because I had spent the last 12 days in super-humid Tel Aviv and my hair stood no chance to be heat styled! I think I may embrace my natural curls more...what do you think?
T-Shirt: Target $9.99
Necklace: Castro (An awesome store I discovered in Tel-Aviv) $18
Vest: H&M $17
Jacket: Forever 21 $45
Jeans: Styles for Less $20
Shoes: TJ Max $20
Posted by: Natalya

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  1. Wow- what were you doing in Israel? That sounds like an amazing trip (and not just for the bargain shopping)!


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