Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Similar to Natalya's post, I too find many pretty things I would like to own but can't afford. This website I came across called Cate sells a brand called Thurley. These dresses, that are coming out soon, are inpired by the Great Gatsby and the roaring twenties. There are more dresses that I didn't post because I don't like how they were a little too 20's looking. I really like how the ones here can look modern without being too obviously 20's inspired. Get what I mean?
Anyways, they make me wish I had somewhere to wear them to, and the money to buy them! I especially love this white one with the embellished neckline (below).

thanks for the read! -kerri


  1. hi there! thanks for commenting on my blog! you'll have to let me know if you like the gap jeans. they are a little pricy, but so far i've been very very impressed - they seem to wear very well.

    i love the white dress in this post! it would be so perfect for southern california! it would look really cute with black tights and the black heels from the last post. :)

  2. They are fabulous! I love anything that looks retro.


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