Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Poised In Turquoise

I am obviously on a turquoise kick this week, as you can see from my outfits yesterday and today.
I was unsure if I should wear two turquoise items in the same outfit when I left the house this morning, but I thought, why not? Looking at the pics now, I think I pulled it off. What do you think? Are it the turquoise tights and scarf too much at once?
I've wanted to steal this sweater from my sister's closet so many times. Before she went back to college, after this past Thanksgiving, she said I could borrow it while she was away. Whoo Hoo!! And I didnt even tell her my secret coveting thoughts. She must have had a feeling I was obsessed with it.
Leather Jacket: Target
Sweater: Borrowed from Sister (orig. from Target)
Skirt: Target
Tights: Target
Booties: Target
Scarf: Buffalo Exchange
I did not realize until now that my entire outfit (except the scarf) is from Target. I should be their spokesmodel :). Hey, you never know...... dream big, right?


  1. yay for turqoise! i love how your scarf and your tights match. and your shoes! i love them :)

  2. LOVE the pops of turqouise! You're totally rocking that color!

  3. The turquoise tights are really different its not often you see outfits of this colour

  4. I love the tights! I was just standing in front of a pair like this today :)
    And it's cool having the matching scarf. thumbs up!

  5. These tights and shoes are so awesome! Great combo!!

  6. Oooo! Super fun tights! I love that color. And the shoes are wicked adorable as well!
    Oh, and thanks so much for the well wishes with my exams! You're too sweet :]

  7. That scarf is so pretty! I love turqoise!

  8. How daring to wear those tights. And you pull them off so well , good job.

  9. well, apparently turquoise will replace lemon yellow next year as the "in"color- so you're WAY ahead of the pack! this outfit is beautiful, I love your tights!

  10. I LOVE target and I'm loving the turquoise!!!

  11. Not at all!! I think the scarf and tights look awesome together!


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