Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Pure & Utter Silliness

You just need to know this blog is unlike others in that I totally end up in uncontrollable fits of laughter during our photo shoots and obviously as you can see from the pics I don't try to hide or edit it. I am trying to display my lovely outfit here so I hope you are not distracted by the belly-laughing I am doing in the pics!
I believe the best things in life are the things that can make you roll with laughter. It is truly theraputic. Kerri gives me funny looks sometimes but neither of us can ever keep a straight face!

I love this teensy skirt I found this past weekend!

Kickin' up my heels!
I almost didnt post this pic of me laughing hard cause it's kinda embarassing, but it captured what our photo sessions are like SO well! Good photography Kerri!

Skirt: F21 $14.80 (new)
Jacket: H&M $30?
Shirt: Target $3
Necklace: Styles for Less $3
Shoes: Famous Footwear $20

XOXO, Natalya


  1. cute skirt! and i know all about awkward picture taking - i either cut off my head or refuse to look at the camera! haha.

    xo Niki

  2. aww i love the awkward laughing pictures, they're the best :) and that skirt is so gorgeous on you!

  3. That skirt is so slimming on I need to go buy one ASAP haha. BTW the one of you cracking up is are always smiling/laughing and that's great!


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