Wednesday, December 02, 2009


DSC02031.jpg picture by wearnecessities
Picked up this seahorse cuff from Melrose Trading Post in LA with my sister a while back, and haven't really worn it because it looked a little gaudy to me - such a bright gold color! It's unique and cute though. :)

Turtleneck: Target $8
Skirt: Forever 21

Tights: Target $9

Shoes: Target

Belt: Urban Outfitters $9
Cuff: $7

ps. why do they call these shirts turtlenecks? anyone know? Im curious, because they don't remind me of a turtle...


  1. hey you 2, really refreshing blog. And I love the cuff in this post

  2. Oh, my goodnes.... I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this. Seriously, you look GORGEOUS. Everything fits you so well, it's all in perfect proportion. I want to wear this right now!

  3. I think you look really mature (in a good way) in this outfit. Probably a better word would be "professional." I also like how you've incorporated some sort of trendy 80's-esque pieces like the belt & the gold cuff without taking it to the point of being way trendy, you know? If that didn't sound like a compliment, I'm sorry, but it was supposed to be! lol!

  4. I LOVE that seahorse bracelet. This outfit has the perfect amount of gold! :) Follow me, please?

  5. I love how sophisticated you look!

  6. You look very pretty and sophisticated in this outfit. Love the grey and purple!

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