Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"If you would be loved, love, and be lovable." - Benjamin Franklin

Another cool day, I can't wait to share more of my fall outfits with you guys! Stay posted...

Shirt: H&M $24.90
Necklace: Styles for Less $4
Pants: Old Navy $29.99
Shoes: Cinderella Zappatos $22

Total: $80.89

Dress: 50% off at h&m! $25
Cardigan: Target $15
Belt: $18
Shoes: h&m $40
Bracelet: Nordstrom $20


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Celebrity fall styles for less

Kate Hudson in designer Michael Kors

Target dress $39.99

AnnaLynn McCord in designer Dolce & Gabana

Newport News dress $44.00

What do you think of these fall dress trends? I love plaid anything and I love the smooth grey fitted style!

Posted by: Natalya

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine." Ralph Waldo Emerson

top: h&m $25
pants: part of a united colors of benetton suit
shoes: mervyns $25
bracelet: h&m $6.95

total : $57 plus some

I felt autumn in the air today and I hope it continues. Crisp weather = awesome boots and layers!

Lucky for me bright colors are in for the fall season, so this pink purse will continue to be by my side.

Top: Fashion Avenue $14.99
Necklace: Styles for Less $4

Jeans: Styles for Less $19.99
Purse: Target $17.00
Shoes: Famous Footwear $20

Total: $75.98

Monday, September 28, 2009

"With humor as my constant ally, I emerge victorious over the negative forces of life." - Anonymous

It's still hot here in So. Cal. so I'm still sporting open-toed sandals. However I'm so ready for fall fashion, that at the first sign of a fall breeze, I'll be breaking out my fall wardrobe!

I love the clean look of a simple t-shirt, a belt and a pencil skirt.

Here is a close-up the belt that came free with the skirt!

Top: borrowed from my Mom's closet
Necklaces: Outer chain $4 Styles for Less; Inner necklace $5 Styles for Less
Skirt: Forever 21 $15.80
Belt: Came free with the pencil skirt
Shoes: a gift

Total: $24.80!
Posted by: Natalya

V-Neck: second hand from buffalo exchange $10
jeans: express $40
necklace: urban outfitters $gift card

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Peacock Trend

Continuing with my animal print obsession, I've noticed a lot of Peacock lately.... Here are a few items I like:
Forever 21 Maxi $24.80
Forever 21 dress $19.80
Forever 21 Peacock Earrings $7.80

Forever 21 dress $22.80

Target top $8.75

Arden B. top $24.99

New York & Co shirt $22.95
Has anyone noticed the Peacock clothing trend everywhere? I feel like I see it every where I go!
Posted by: Natalya

Nordstrom Fall 2009 Runway Photos:

Hi guys, I wanted to post just a few of my favorite runway outfits from last night's show, but instead I decided to post almost all of the runway looks! I know, I'm obsessed..Enjoy...

The Nordstrom Fall 2009 sign

Me and my mom before the show - aren't we glamorous??

Knee-high boots and blazers are definately in for fall

This black ruffley jumpsuit is super-cute!

I love this look with the brown boots and lady-like dress

I love this color-blocked high-waitsted skirt. I know you can barely see it here, but a lot of the models were wearing socks with their open toed shoes...interesting...

A cute plaid dress

Boheimian scarf with a simple sheath

I loved this outfit. It's hard to see here but the sweater is lined with actual feathers - its gorgeous! Pencil skirts are definately in for fall and I love this tweed look.

I love the color combo here of the navy trench coat with the bright red purse.

This outfit is so colorful and cute! Very California fall!

More bright colors, love this bright mustard color and the layered texture.

A simple cropped bright blue blazer with a fitted pencil skirt = chic

This turquoise leopard dress is divine

I am definately "Mad for Plaid" this fall and I love this shirt-dress look with the boots.

Doesn't this model look like a mannequin? I love the different shades of pink - who says your clothes have to match perfectly?

I love that shorts are in for fall - especially in California where we don't really have a fall season!

The new word for Glam + Grunge = Glunge

More plaid + knee-high boots

This is my favorite look, partly because I own very similar pants. I love that they are paired with a blazer and cute hat. Definately a look I need to try!

Lady-like sweater, neon pink shirt, and a pencil skirt.

I love this sheath dress! The way it graduates from blue to black to white is gorgeous!

Beatiful mini-dress undere a wrap sweater. I love the girly flower at the top of the dress.

Simple dress and tights.

I am not quite sure if these are tights or leggings, but I think they are fabulous!! Lacy and patterned tights and leggings are HUGE for fall!

Cropped embellished jacket + bright top + leather pants = HOT!

More neon. I love this dress

This was my favorite model. I love her hair and bangs! A few trends to point out here - leather pants, a studded vest, and a flowy white top.

More studded clothing! I love this bright blue studded vest!

Well that's the end of it. I suppose to sum it all up, the trends I love here for fall are neon, leather, cropped blazers and jackets, over the knee and ankle boots, studded embelishments, vests, pencil skirts, skinny pants, and lacy and patterned tights and leggings! What do you think of these trends? Which ones are you dying to try?

Posted by: Natalya

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