Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

The lovely ladies over at recently tagged us for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Thanks you two, you guys are awesome. :)

Here are 7 random things about me, Kerri~
1. I love my dog Chevy .. seriously what is not to love about my sidekick puppyface..

here he is with me at the beach this past weekend

2. I have a hard time keeping my room clean. So messy I know! I'm working on it!
3. I really love playing volleyball
4. I'm a music lover that can't understand how people can say one song is their favorite. There is just so much good stuff out there how could you ever choose!
5. I have a love hate relationship with Target. But doesn't everyone? Walk in for shampoo, walk out with new shirt, sandals, headband, shampoo, eye shadow... you get the point.
6. I really want to travel. If I could, I would go on a world tour. Maybe I will someday? Who knows...
7. I started a separate blog to keep tabs on my personal thoughts, except Im finding it hard to keep up with. check it here if you like-- Wanderlusting Fool

And here are Natalya's 7 Randoms:

1. Through this blog, which Kerri and I started as a fun hobby in September 2009, I discovered my dream career which is designing and writing about fashion!!
2. I started working full-time at age 18 so I never graduated college. Now, at age 25, I just quit my full-time pension planning job of 6 years, and am going back to school (classes start next Monday!!!) to get my AA degree.
3. Next January (2011) I hope to be accepted into FIDM in L.A. to pursue a B.S. degree in Fashion.
4. Half my family lives in Israel - where my father is from. I miss them terribly.
5. I have been a vegetarian since age 6 (and only cheated once since then - it was a hotdog of all things, ew)!!
6. I laugh ALL THE TIME (just ask Kerri)!! I believe life is too short to take it too seriously!
7. In high school I never put effort into how I dressed, because I had such low self-esteem, and wanted to be invisible. I really started to care about my appearance in my 20's when I wanted to feel better about myself.

We would now like to nominate these lovelies:


Kerri and Natalya


  1. aww chevy is so adorable! and congrats, natalya, for going back to school! good luck on monday :)

  2. Aww loved your random facts. I think it's lovely to read about other people's goals. Kerri, I hope you get to travel all over the world soon, and Natalya, congrats on going back to school!

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk


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