Monday, January 18, 2010

Etsy Finds, DIY, and Such

Isn't this necklace awesome? I was browsing the necklaces on Etsy and found this, and love the colors and how unique it is. And for only $15 I might just have to snatch it up! For some reason I really like anything with big flowers on it. Take for example this beauty right here from Anthropologie, this is exactly what I would want from a necklace with flowers. It sort of has a nautical feel with the ropes and chains.
Sadly, this beaut is going for a whopping $228. Yes, you read that right, $228! Ridiculous. But still very pretty.
Well, what about this one with cute little red poppies from here. I think this would go super cute with a navy blue button up or something of that nature. Super cute and only $15, but still not quite the same as the Anthro necklace.
This one is really cute too, and they called it the "Kerri Necklace"! Its sort of calling my name, literally. I really like the yellow with the gray, but its still not the right kind of flower!
So, I've decided I'm going to try and make my own - a lil' DIY if you will. I've made just one so far, and I think it's a little too full to go on a necklace. What do you think? I'll try and wear it one of these days so you get the full effect.
Anyways thanks for the read :)


  1. Great finds! I love me a good floral!

    x A

  2. those are all so gorgeous! i can't even pick a favorite :) i can't wait to see what you end up making for your diy!

  3. oh so pretty! elaine from clothed much makes awesome flower necklaces herself on the cheap--you should check them out.
    these are so great for the depths of winter, no?

  4. oh gosh these are all so beautiful! I want one of each!!

  5. I think it'd be perfect on a necklace! And please please please put the DIY on here - I'd love to try my own. Awesome!

  6. love all the necklaces! thanks for sharing!

    Mode Junkie


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