Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul." - Samuel Ullman

I insisted on light-hearted pictures today! I felt inspired by the beautiful sunny day and our quote about enthusiasm...
Yesterday I went to target and planned on running in and out for some quick essential I needed. The urge to check the 75% off rack was strong and luckily I listened to it! I found this dress for $4.98!! I couldn't pass it up...
The dress is simple and pretty boring on it's own. To make a rather plain dress look amazing, accessorize! Add jewelry, a thick belt, leggings (can be worn without leggings too), and awesome high heals or flats, and you have a great outfit!

Dress: Target $4.98
Leggings: Target (they were a gift, but I happen to know they are about $5)
Necklace: H&M $5
Shoes: Famous Footwear $20
Belt: Came free with a $10 blouse from Fashion Avenue
Total: $44.98! (although it only cost me $29.98)

Top: H&M $11
Jeans: Forever 21$18
Blazer: United Colors of Benetton - got it on sale, but I don't remember for how much!
Flats: Target $17
Necklace: Etsy $24 custom designed by Arete. I love all her cute little necklaces! I will have to post a close up of my necklace she made for me. Here's the link to her etsy shop! Arete's Shop
Ring: Fossil - gift!
Bag: Marshals $30


  1. Nice blog! I just stumbled across it and you are absolutely adorable! Keep it up! :-)

  2. I love love love both of these outfits!


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