Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart." - Carl Jung

I love my new colorblock dress and it was truly an unexpected purchase. I was scanning the clearance aisle at Styles 4 Less and found the little gem for $7!

Matchy-matchy is not necessary. I paired my pink purse with this dress even though it is not the exact same shade of pink!

Check out my fabulous shoes! My take on bling: the more bling, the better!!!

I found these earnings at Styles 4 Less about a year ago, and they have pink black and white beads. I knew when I found this dress last month that it was meant to be!

Dress: Styles 4 Less $7
Earings: Styles 4 Less $3
Shoes: Cinderella Zappatos in Anaheim $22
Purse: Target $17
Total: 49!

Just a couple little curious comments I received today about this outfit..

My conversation with the gas attendant guy:
Me: Can I get $20 cash back please?
Him: Sure, here you are little lady.

As I get my lunch from Trader Joe's:
Woman yells from across TJ's: Hey! Cute skirt!
Me: (turn around surprised to see her looking at me) Thanks!
Woman: It's precious!

My assessment on this outfit from the comments: Do I really look like a little girl?
Precious and little lady were not what I had in mind.
But that's fine, I really adore this skirt. So colorful and fun. :)

Skirt: Forever 21 $17
V-Neck: Old Navy $5
Necklace: Etsy $20
Sandals: Roxy - gift from my sister, thanks Erin!

Total: 42!

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