Friday, November 20, 2009

New Favorite Jacket

DSC01967.jpg picture by wearnecessities
look at these little bat wing things on my shoulders.
DSC01968.jpg picture by wearnecessities
hehehe. im a caped crusader.
DSC01969.jpg picture by wearnecessities
wow thats a big face right there.

Happy Friday! Here is my Old Navy jacket I got on sale 50% off when they were having their outerwear sale! Down to $35 from $70. I'm so happy I didn't buy it for full price. I really love this jacket, especially since the lining on the inside is yellow - my favorite. It's a nice addition to my jacket collection. :)
Jacket: Old Navy $35
Scarf: Gift from parents from NYC
Jeans: Express
Flats: H&M $10


  1. The shape of the jacket is gorgeous!! and I love the pop of yellow from the scarf!

  2. That jacket is nice! I love how a HUGE collar keeps the cold away and looks so chic too. Fashion and function.


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